Linkable Assets (Types of Content)

Shocking Content

Do something incredible or shocking.

Have you ever clicked on an article on the Internet because the headline promised you something big and spectacular? Some things you just have to click on (and link to!). Hence, to attract backlinks, one method is to do something incredible and then report about it in detail.

Important: To ensure that this works for link building, you have to deliver on your promise. Unlike social media, link building is not about quick clicks, but about high-quality content that is worth linking to.


A good example is iFixit. They’ve basically built their business on one thing: Teardowns of expensive products. They crack-open high-tech stuff that cost’s thousands of dollars, just to see what’s inside.

iFixit Teardowns
Source: iFixit

Finally, there is the grandfather of this type of content: Blendtec founder Tom Dickson’s “Will it Blend?”. The thing even has its own Wikipedia article.

Will it Blend?
Source: Wikipedia

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