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Acquiring backlinks with email outreach is the hardest part of the link building process. It’s also the most important part.

VIPOutreach has everything you need to stay organized and build more backlinks in one simple and powerful tool. It's a link building management software that handles all aspects from the prospecting to the emailing and managing the workflow.

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I earn a living building links since 2003. Ever since I started my first online business, SEO has been by far the most important marketing channel for me. OnPage optimization is now something I can do very quickly.

The main work in SEO, even after almost 20 years, is link building. Outreach is the only link building approach that can be planned and scaled in the long term.

Ten years ago, I wrote the first version of what now became VIPOutreach. Before that I tried to work around tools built by people who were not themselves involved in building links on a daily basis. I had to resort to ugly hacks, eventually developing my own solution. Fast forward ten years and VIPOutreach was born, being the third full rewrite of the tool. The one I’m finally satisfied with. Well, not quite yet, but I am working on it.

Most people hate link building outreach. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to do outreach, at scale, without getting tired of it.

Vincent Schmalbach
Creator of VIPOutreach
Vincent has helped companies of all sizes increase their visibility in search engines and win tens of thousands of new customers through SEO. He has also built a blog network with over 1 million monthly visitors making five figures in monthly affiliate and AdSense income. All of this based on countless link building outreach emails.

The World’s
Largest Source of Link Prospects

People use Google to find link opportunities. However, to get a comprehensive list, you need to use a combination of keywords, operators and refinements. That's easily hundreds of searches.

Then do the same in Bing. Yandex, Baidu, Naver? Business directories? Google News?

A lot of work. A push of a button with VIPOutreach.

The Most Complete
Link Research Tool

Using search engines to find link opportunities is a good way to get started. But to overtake your competition you need to dig deeper. The next step is to get all the sites that link to those sites from step one. Because they might link to yours as well. This can be done using SEO tools, copying, pasting, exporting and importing to Excel/Google Sheets.

A lot of work. Or checking a few boxes in VIPOutreach to fetch those opportunities automatically.

Bulk SEO Metrics and Data Puller

To filter sites that are worth the outreach, you need all the SEO metrics and additional scraped data.

VIPOutreach pulls this data for you, automatically. Just filter by what's important to you.

Powerful Email Address Finder

VIPOutreach automatically provides contact details for each link opportunity. VIPOutreach is better at this than any other tool out there. In addition to our proprietary email crawler, we connect 3rd party APIs to find emails when our own crawler can't find any.

Email Verification and Cleaning

Verifying and cleaning the outreach email list are essential in order not to end up in your prospects’ spam folders. Here, too, VIPOutreach relies on a combination of homegrown technology and the use of external APIs.

Outreach Platform and Opportunity Manager

Gmail is great if you’re only planning to send a few emails, but you need a dedicated tool to scale your outreach. VIPOutreach helps you plan, personalize, and send emails at scale all in one place. This auto link building software does everything your average guest post tool can't.

Use multiple sender addresses, personas, signatures and templates.

Coming soon:

  • Deliverability-oriented sending algorithm
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Reply detection / Stop sending after a reply
  • Control time zones, days of the week, and the times of the day
  • Templates with custom fields and conditional logic

Built-in Email-Inbox

Outreach at scale is not manageable through a traditional inbox. VIPOutreach helps you manage your inbox across many different campaigns and stay organized with your emails, communications, tasks, notes, prospect details and team actions. No more scattered spreadsheets and fragmented data.

Assembly Line Approach to Outreach

Most backlink building teams still largely take an artisanal approach to their outreach. One individual is responsible for sourcing and qualifying the opportunities, crafting messages, outreaching to them, managing responses and outreach campaigns, and closing the links. This approach makes it hard for teams to focus on lucrative tasks, not let opportunities fall through the cracks, and to consistently execute.

VIPOutreach is effective at creating opportunities at scale. Our goal is to save you several hours a week while multiplying the number of total opportunities generated.

The Only SEO Tool You Need

VIPOutreach replaces several tools such as Excel lists, SEO metrics tools, address finders, link research tools and email programs. Instead of jumping back and forth between different programs, copying the respective data back and forth, you and, if you wish, your entire team can do all the work within VIPOutreach.

Save Time and Make More Money

Speed and efficiency matter. The longer it takes you to build backlinks, the longer it’ll take to rank. Outsmart your competition and automate your link building outreach in order to make more money. Save hundreds of hours building links and managing link building. Profit from more than a decade of built-in real life experience streamlining the link building outreach workflow.

When are you going to launch VIPOutreach?

VIPOutreach is an ambitious project in a saturated market. While early product validation is vital, we don’t want to rush things and launch a buggy product. Therefore, there will be a reasonably long closed beta, where a limited number of users will have early access. If you want to be part of it, request early access or reach out to VIPOutreach's founder Vincent.

How much is VIPOutreach going to cost?

We're true believers of value-based pricing. As you grow with the product and get more value out of it – the price for the product will increase. It’s too early to pinpoint the exact pricing model. It’s going to be accessible for smaller companies and the pricing will be fair and made to suit your exact needs. If you want to be one of our first customers, request early access or reach out to VIPOutreach's founder Vincent.

There will be a discount for those who joined early.

How are you different from all the outreach tools on the market?

We know we’re late to the party. And we know there are plenty of backlink outreach tools, guest post tools and other SEO link building software tools.

Our vision with VIPOutreach is to create an integrated product that really helps companies streamline their link building outreach stack. We’re link building outreach nerds, committed to fine tuning every single aspect of the process to create one of the best link building tools. And pair that with a modern and easy to use interface at an affordable price.