Curated Rankings
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Curated Rankings

Curated rankings are hand-curated rankings of individuals, companies, or teams.

Lists of this kind can be objective and based on certain calculated metrics. Rankings of companies, for example, can be ranked by the number of customers or revenue. Blogs and websites can be sorted by the number of monthly visitors. An ingenious idea is to rank SEO agencies according to their Google visibility for the top 100 SEO keywords. The SEO agency with the best Google visibility is the best SEO agency according to this logic.

Where it gets exciting is when there are no objective criteria and the list is sorted purely from a subjective point of view. This generates emotions and invites discussion. Both are ideal for link building. Think of topics like movies (“the best movies of all time”), video games, cooking recipes, etc.

However you go about it, don’t just create a simple list, comment on it and create your own content around it. Rank the people and companies, explain their backgrounds, and be transparent about why they’re listed in that spot.

Example topics

  • Best Christmas Movies of All Time
  • Best Chili Recipes
  • Best Dad Jokes
  • Best Places to Live in the USA
  • Best Universities in the World

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